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  2. bornthiswaybodyarts:

    This beautiful ear belongs to Tiffany Diamond, and it got a little upgrade by @bryanthisway when she came to visit our studio. Tiffany just opened her own studio, DV8 Body Art in Commerce MI! Congrats @dv8piercer, we love you!! <3

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  3. peachsleep:

    cute handmade earrings, done by a lovely lady who has never before made anything for stretched ears! i’ll try to get a picture later with better focus on the cute little crystal. if you want her etsy or facebook information, feel free to message me and i’ll hook ya up :)

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    I really do love doing these. 18g triple outer helix piercings with 3mm turquoise cabochon gems. Titanium jewelry from Neometal.

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